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Birthdate:Mar 12, 1986
Kunzite is the fourth of Queen Beryl's commanders of the Dark Kingdom. He is the most powerful of them all, and is even stronger than Beryl. He is in love with Zoisite, another male warrior like himself.

Kunzite appeared as part of Zoisite's doublecross when she challenged Mamoru to a duel over the seven rainbow crystals; he took all the crystals. After Zoisite was defeated by Princess Serenity, Kunzite appeared, took Prince Endymion, and vanished with Zoisite. Zoisite was killed for disobeying Queen Beryl's orders. Kunzite attacked the Sailor Scouts, but Sailor Moon stopped him with Cosmic Moon Power.

From here, Kunzite's task was to find Sailor Moon and take the Imperium Silver Crystal from her, as she got the crystal when the rainbow crystals became one. He turned people into monsters, such as Mitsuaami, Polite Society, Blizzard, Misha, Janelle, and Ninjana, while getting into arguments with Prince Endymion, whom Beryl and the Dark Kingdom had turned evil.

Kunzite can shoot dark energy waves, create dark energy forcefields, and throw sharp energy blades.

Both mun and muse are over 18.
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